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  • Mike is currently walking across South America from the Pacific to the Caribbean
  • Come take a walk across the world's largest freshwater lake! Follow in Mike's Baikal footsteps with CrossingBaikal.com
Publications and Press Articles

Mike writes about adventuring (Scottish Field Jan 2022)
Mike talks at Park School in Gibraltar (Gibraltar Chronicle January 2022)
Mike speaks to Malcolm Teasdale about expeditions (Podcast June 2021)
The Path Less Trodden on Travel Bubble (Podcast April 2021)
The Sepik River Crocodile Man (Sunday Express Oct 2017)
Mike in Armenia Let's Talk About Costorphine (July 2017)
Mike as judge for Forces Photo Contest (Amateur Photographer Nov 2016)
Edinburgh man celebrates A-Z of global travel (The Scotsman 2013)
Mike Laird | Crossing Lake Baikal - The Long Haul
Mike talks about the Lake Baikal expedition on BBC Radio Scotland
A New Speed Record (Explorer's Web - 27 Mar 2019)
Sledding Season Begins on Lake Baikal (Explorer's Web - 13 Feb 2019)
Mike talks about making preparations for the expedition (6 Feb 2019)
You can donate to Veteran's Aid via Mike and Rosie's JustGiving Fundraising Page - Thank you for your support
Mike Laird | Two-way crossing of the Bering Strait
Mike in Russia Let's Talk About Costorphine (July 2016)
Mike appears on the Riverside Show on STV to discuss the Bering Challenge expedition

Bering Follow-Up NHBC Internal Newsletter (Spring 2015)
The Bering Strait Expedition (pages 4-5) Let's Talk About Costorphine (April 2015)
British duo attempt Bering Strait ice crossing The Nome Nugget (19th March 2015)
Daredevil gears up for -40C run in 100mph gales Scotsman (2nd March 2015)
Action Man! NHBC Internal Newsletter (February 2015)
Bering up well.... Daily Express (22nd February 2015)
Mike speaks to Michael Dukes live on Radio AM-700 KBYR in Alaska about the Bering Crossing. (Reduced sound quality - Mike was speaking via Skype)
Bering Strait Challenge website now launched - www.thedeadliestjourney.com
Promotional video for the two-way crossing of the Bering Strait

Mike Laird | Magnetic North Pole
Mike on BBC Radio Scotland (BBC Radio Scotland - Jun 2014)
Boots, beards and balaclavas (Oxford Exploration Club - Feb 2014)
Bears, Boots and Balaclavas (Trebuchet Magazine - Jan 2014)
North Pole Adventure (Academical Magazine - Jan 2014)
To reach the Magnetic Pole (Air Canada Magazine - Dec 2013)
Boots, beards and balaclavas (Guildford Travel Club - Dec 2013)
Local Hero! (The Hub - Dec 2013)
Let's Talk about Costorphine (St Ninian's, Costorphine - Nov 2013)
Mike lectures for the SES (Scientific Exploration Society - Sep 2013)
Taking on Mother Nature (The Weekly News - Jun 2013)
Edinburgh's answer to Ranulph Fiennes? (The Scotsman - Jun 2013)
Mike's North Pole Adventure. (Daily Express - May 2013)
Mike Laird | Mudhifs in Iraq
The 31st Bonham Carter Lecture at the British Institute (BISI - Jun 2013)
Mikes visits the Marsh Arabs in Iraq (Kent News 2011)
Mike speaks about his project in the Marshes of Iraq (BBC Radio Kent)
Mike Laird | Australia - Retracing the steps of Burke and Wills
Modern day Indiana Jones? (Daily Express - Nov 2010)
Radio interview with Zinc FM (May 2010)
Article in North West Star (May 2010)
From the pub to the desert - ABC North Queensland (May 2010)
Radio interview with ABC North Queensland (May 2010)
Article in Scottish Daily Record (Apr 2010)
Mike Laird | Castaway 2000 (BBC)
Welcome to the world of Retro Reality! (The Herald Scotland)
Family and friends visit the castaways on Taransay (BBC)

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