The Long Haul - Update

15 MARCH 2019

Due to malfunctioning stoves, Mike has not had hot food or drink since setting out 11 days ago and is surviving on dry rations. Very tough conditions are proving challenging and Mike has dropped through the ice twice. Still in good spirits and pushing on south to Irkutsk.

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The Long Haul - Lake Baikal

27 FEBRUARY 2019

Mike and renowned explorer Rosie Stancer will embark on a Double-Solo expedition over frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, in support of Veterans Aid.

Travelling across this frozen lake, Rosie will set off on 1st March 2019 from the southern point of Lake Baikal and Mike will start from the northern point three days later. Both Mike and Rosie will be totally self-reliant and facing average temperatures around -35C with dips below -40C. The aim is to meet midway where they will raise the Veterans Aid banner before continuing on separate solo journeys to their finishing points.

Track Mike and Rosie's progress online at Garmin
Any donations in support of Veterans Aid are most gratefully received. You can donate via Mike and Rosie's JustGiving Fundraising Page
You can listen to Mike speaking about making preparations for the expedition on YouTube

The route will be approximately 725 kilometres - farther than a straight line between Inverness and London. Mike and Rosie will be travelling almost a marathon per day for 20 consecutive days whilst pulling sledges that will be upwards of 60 kilos. The route will be a World First across the lake in support of their chosen charity Veterans Aid.

Scottish National Trail


Mike's attempt to walk the 864 kilometre Scottish National Trail from Kirk Yetholm to Cape Wrath has been postponed to 2020. This has never been attempted in winter as the temperatures in the north can dip well below -20C and the only extraction, if required, will be by helicopter.

Diving around the coast of Indonesia

MARCH 2018

Mike is currently working as a Speciality Scuba Instructor in Bali teaching all levels up to PADI Divemaster and including speciality training in Wreck Diving, Deep Diving and Nitrox courses. Working on Nusa Penida and the east coast of Bali Mike regularly leads dives on the famous USAT Liberty wreck, Manta Point and other awesome locations in Tulamben and Padang Bai.

In his spare time Mike has also visited the islands of Komodo, Rinca, East Nusa Tenggara, Gili Trawangan, Pulau Padar and Kelor. He has taken medical supplies to camps for people removed from the homes due to the threat of Mount Agung erupting and also done some voluntary English teaching in local schools.

Walking Hadrian's Wall


Mike is currently walking coast to coast along Hadrian's Wall in northern England. During his walk he is raising funds for a charity called Pilgrim Bandits which primarily assists armed forces personnel unfortunate enough to have lost one or more limbs.

In 2007 Mike was a photographer embedded with troops in Afghanistan. Amongst the many things he saw, he spent time in military hospitals where wounded and severely injured service men and women, as well as civilians, were brought for primary care.

His time in Afghanistan fostered an immense respect in him for what our services do for us and the often perilous circumstances in which they work.

Pilgrim Bandits Website
Any donations in support of Pilgrim Bandits are most gratefully received at Mike's TotalGiving Fundraising Page

The Bonham Carter Lecture

20 JUNE 2013

I was invited to talk about mudhifs in the Iraq Marshes for the 31st Bonham Carter Lecture at the British Academy on behalf of the British Institute for the study of Iraq (BISI).

My lecture was based around the mudhifs of southern Iraq, both their history and construction, and my planned BISI-funded project to build one of these traditional reed houses with the local community in the marshes of Chabaish, between Qurnah and Nasiriyah.

Listen to Mike's lecture at the BISI Website
View photos of the Mudhif project in the Photo Gallery

Trek to the Magnetic North Pole

MARCH 2013

After 18 months of planning and preparation, Mike has set off on an expedition to walk to the Magnetic North Pole. He has flown out to Ottawa in Canada, and will make his way to the expedition base in Resolute, from where, as part of a team, he will attempt to walk to the Magnetic North Pole.